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Business Meeting


Naomi has been a multi-site business owner with her husband since 2005.  With experience of employing up to 250 members of staff, managing all aspects of setting up and running a business from site finding to opening week.  Naomi is well versed in the "ups & downs" experienced in business.
Naomi is skilled in thinking outside the box  and problem solving, helping you find ways to grow your sales, beat your competition and ultimately, make more profit.
Naomi thrives on helping businesses avoid costly mistakes, aiming to invest time & money in the areas that count.
Having experienced both sides of being an employee and employer, Naomi is proficient at helping consider options available to those who have come to a crossroads in their career path.
Naomi is passionate about people and is a supportive, encouraging, non-judgemental coach who wants to help you and your business reach your full potential. 


"Naomi Godfrey Business Coach has been there, done it and got several T-shirts.  Her expertise and professionalism instantly put me at ease.  Just a few minutes chatting really opened my eyes to possibilities ahead.  Thank you so much." Anna B.  
"Naomi is so friendly and approachable.  It is so easy to talk through ideas with her and she is great at giving advice based on her past experience as a businesswoman.  She is hugely positive and enthusiastic and a great believer in aiming high and following your dreams and aspirations." Sam K 
"I needed a CV creating for some media jobs in Los Angeles and having not used a CV since about 1999 I needed some professional guidance.  Naomi was quick to create an eye catching design for me and turned the task around quickly.  I got the job!" Ant.
"If I had to describe Naomi in 5 words they would be, Kind, Supportive, Honest, Understanding and Ambitious.  Not only has she been my mentor over the last 12 years of my career, she has been my role model.  If you need a woman who can do it all - she is your woman!  Naomi has supported me in my career and helped me achieve things that I never thought would be possible, from leaving school with not much of an education to becoming an award winning Restaurant Manager to more recently, a multi-store Area Manager.  Her support and most importantly, her guidance, is something I will forever be grateful for.  If you are thinking of getting a business coach, you only need to read her achievements to know you are in safe hands." Jodie A
"Naomi is an absolute powerhouse - full of energy, enthusiasm and brilliant advice.  She has lots of commercial experience and has so many ideas for helping to improve your company, no matter what type of business you run.  A pleasure to work with!" Kate


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