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Does my (undiagnosed) ADHD look big in this?

Saturday 29 October 2022


Procrastination seems to be a sign of many things these days but one condition that seems to have alot of press of late is ADHD. What I have been learning is that ADHD can be harder to spot in women because..... (hang on I just need to check Instagram again....)


(.... Nothing's new but i've just watched all the new Beyonce "Cuff It" dance videos.........) ADHD is harder to diagnose in women because.... (hang on while I research this further.............)


(......WOW! who KNEW that Hitler had a girlfriend?!....)

Here you are - this is what the internet says....

"In boys, hyperactive symptoms are more dominant and this ties in with what we’ve seen from studies, that often ADHD in boys is behavioural. Because these behavioural challenges affect other people, they are easy to identify and people take action more quickly to prevent further behavioural issues. In girls, symptoms of inattention are more dominant and these are often overlooked. Unfortunately, it can take a long time for someone who struggles to pay attention to receive either recognition or support." See below link.

So basically, because boys are loud little shits - they get diagnosed and helped and us females just get written off for not paying attention.


I didn't finish this blog as I went off to make a cucumber sandwich and forgot I was doing this.

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